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The Loneliness of Donald Trump, by Rebecca Solnit

“We keep each other honest, we keep each other good with our feedback, our intolerance of meanness and falsehood, our demands that the people we are with listen, respect, respond—if we are allowed to, if we are free and valued ourselves. There is a democracy of social discourse, in which we are reminded that as we are beset with desires and fears and feelings, so are others; there was an old woman in Occupy Wall Street I always go back to who said, “We’re fighting for a society in which everyone is important.” That’s what a democracy of mind and heart, as well as economy and polity, would look like.”



What Democrats Must Do To Stop A Right-Wing Hijacking Of The Judiciary

Renowned University of Chicago Constitutional scholar Geoff Stone put it this way:

By refusing to confirm President Obama’s appointment of Chief Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court, Senators Mitch McConnell, Charles Grassley, and their Republican cronies betrayed our constitutional traditions and undermined a central principle of American democracy. Although they maintained that their unconscionable behavior was “justified” by the fact that the vacancy arose during President Obama’s final year in office, this was a blatantly dishonest assertion. In fact, a long line of presidents have made appointments to the Supreme Court in the final year of their terms, including such historic figures as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, William Howard Taft, Woodrow Wilson, Herbert Hoover, Franklin Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan.

Stone is no novice to these matters. He has taught constitutional law to generations of law students; served as a law clerk to Justice William J Brennan, Jr; was co-author of one of the nation’s leading constitutional law textbooks; is an editor of the Supreme Court Review and is editor of a 20-volume series titled “Inalienable Rights.”

So what can Democrats do?”—Article

The US could be vastly different a year from now. Here’s how

“Every administration tries to reshape American policy to reflect its ideals. But the discrepancy between outgoing president Barack Obama and president-elect Donald Trump is especially stark.

From health insurance access to abortion rights, Trump and his cabinet nominees proffer the opposite of the progressive stance that has defined the last eight years in this country.

And with a Republican-controlled House and Senate, it’s possible that our new chief executive could make real headway rolling back Obama’s agenda. Next year at this time, America could look very different different than it does today. Here are some issues that could be in the crosshairs.”–Article